Pet parents everywhere are looking for the best dog toys to keep their pups entertained.  We've rounded up the top dog toys that will have your pup playing for hours. From chew toys to interactive games, you'll find the perfect toy to give your pup the ultimate playtime experience.

Are you a dog owner who has looked at all the dog toys on the market and really wondered which ones Fido will enjoy?

Dog toys come in all shapes and sizes! There are indoor dog toys, treat dispensing toys, squeaky toys, plush toys, and dog chew toys.  Some dogs like a good stuffed toy and dogs prefer to play tug of war.  Still others want dog chew toy that will last for days! How do you decide which ones your dogs will love?

The best dog toy is designed to keep your furry friend entertained and engaged. They are durable and safe, so you don’t have to worry about your pup getting hurt. Plus, they are designed to stimulate your pup’s natural instincts and help them stay active and healthy.

This is an article reviewing the best dog toys pet parents can buy on Amazon!

How We Choose the Best Toys on Amazon

Our team of pet experts has personally read thousands of reviews on Amazon to find the best toys for your pup. We own dogs. We buy dog toys for our dogs. We've seen what our dogs have fun with, what they destroy quickly and what can stand the test of time with even the pickiest of dogs!

You want to buy a dog toy for your pup, but don't know which one to choose. Let us help you. We will help you find the best indoor dog toy as well as toys to play outside with your doggo! We have toys that will clean your dog's teeth and even a dog toy that will work your dog's mind to help them solve puzzles.

It can be hard to find the perfect dog toy for your pup because there are so many different types and sizes available. How do you know which one will give your pup the most enjoyment?

Our team of experts has read thousands of reviews on Amazon to find the best dog toys for your pup. We've done all the hard work so that you can easily find and purchase the perfect dog toy for your pup's entertainment and enjoyment.

Best Ball with Noise Toy

WobbleWag Giggle Ball

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Why We Love It

The Wobble Wag Giggle Ball is the perfect interactive chew toy for your pup. It's made from durable, non-toxic durable rubber and features 4 pockets for your pup to pick up and carry. This rubber toy also makes fun sounds that will keep your pup engaged and entertained. Plus, it's suitable for all sizes of dogs, so you can bring it along to the park or on other outdoor adventures.

What You Should Know

  • The Wobble Wag Giggle Ball is a chew toy that is designed to be durable and long-lasting.
  • Its rubber construction can withstand rough play and it's also easy to clean.
  • The ball also has a unique wobble action that makes it unpredictable and fun to play with.
  • It has fun sounds that will capture your pup's attention and make playtime more enjoyable.
  • Plus, it's made with non-toxic materials, so you can rest assured that your pup is safe while playing with this chew toy.

Best Ball Throwing Toy


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Why We Love It

ChuckIt Thrower is an ideal choice for those who want to give their dog a great game of fetch. This 26-inch launcher can launch any medium size Chuckit! ball up to three times farther than you can throw with your arm. This means ball-obsessed dogs can run farther and faster, and you won't have to bend over to pick up the ball. Plus, the brightly colored rubber ball that comes with the launcher makes it easier for you and your pup to spot it in the grass.

What You Should Know

  • The ChuckIt Thrower is designed to improve your pup's fetching game. If your dog loves to fetch, this will provide endless fun for years to come.
  • It is lightweight and easy to use, and its ergonomic handle allows for comfortable pickup.
  • The classic launcher also includes one Chuckit! Tennis ball, which bounces high and is visible in the grass.
  • Plus, it is compatible with standard tennis balls so you can switch it up and keep your pup entertained.
  • So why wait? Get your pup the ChuckIt Thrower today and give them an exciting game of fetch!

Best Interactive Puzzle Toy

Outward Hound Nina Ottosson Dog Casino Interactive Treat Puzzle

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Why We Love It

Looking for a puzzle toy? The Outward Hound Nina Ottosson Dog Casino Interactive Treat Puzzle Dog Toy is a great way to keep your pup entertained with mental stimulation. Mental stimulation helps anxious dogs relax and be entertained at the same time!

The advanced level 3 puzzle game will challenge your pup's ability to learn sequential steps and combinations to seek and find hidden treats and keep your dog guessing where the treats are to be found. This puzzle toy boredom buster is a great way to redirect destructive or negative behavior in a fun and exciting way!

What You Should Know

  • The Dog Casino is made with your pet's health in mind. This indoor dog toy will keep your dog engaged while playing with it to find treats!
  • It's fine to put dog food in the hiding spots instead of "treats." Your dog won't know the difference!
  • It's BPA, PVC, and Phthalate-free, and is made from food-safe materials that you can trust with your pup.
  • Plus, it's easy to clean with warm water and soap between uses.
  • The Dog Casino is also designed with no removable parts, so you don't have to worry about your pup swallowing any pieces.
  • So why wait? Smart dogs everywhere say go get the Outward Hound Nina Ottosson Dog Casino Interactive Treat Puzzle Dog Toy today!

Best Chewy Fetch Ball

EASTBLUE Squeaky Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers: Rubber Puppy Chew Ball with Squeaker

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Why We Love It

When your dog destroys virtually every chew toy you've ever purchased, you want one that will last! The EASTBLUE Squeaky Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers is perfect for medium to large-size dogs. It is made of natural rubber which is safe for your pup and is tough enough to withstand even the most aggressive chompers. This chew toy's unique squeaky sound will attract your pup's attention and keep them entertained for hours. This rubber  chew toy it is easy to clean and can be thrown in the dishwasher for a thorough clean. Many dogs have told us this rubber toy is the bomb!

What You Should Know

  • The EASTBLUE Squeaky Dog Chew Toy is not only durable and safe for your pup, but also easy to clean.
  • It is made of natural rubber which is non-toxic and free from any chemicals.
  • Plus, this chew toy is designed to be lightweight and portable, making it easy to take with you on the go.
  • Your dog likes squeaky toys? The unique sound will help keep your pup engaged and entertained, while the rubber material will withstand even the most aggressive chewers.
  • So why wait? Get your pup the EASTBLUE Squeaky Dog Toy today!

Best Plush Toy

Multipet Plush Dog Toy, Lambchop

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Why We Love It

Bring back your childhood memories with the Multipet Plush Dog Toy, Lambchop. This beloved character is sure to bring a smile to your face and your pup's. It's made with a super soft plush exterior that is great for cuddling and playing. Plus, this plush dog toy it comes with a squeaker that your pup will love. It's available in four sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your pup. Anxious dogs, especially,  love stuffed animals to snuggle with when resting.

What You Should Know

  • This beloved character from Shari Lewis' classic show is sure to bring instant joy to your pup.
  • The Multipet Plush Dog Toy, Lambchop is designed to be the perfect toy for dogs that are not aggressive chewers. But, plush toys are not for every dog. If your dog destroys soft toys, this is one to skip!
  • Lambchop is a squeaky toy that would be best for small dogs and other dog breeds that are not known for excessive chewing.
  • Its soft exterior is perfect for cuddling and playing, and the squeaker inside adds to the fun.
  • Plus, this new toy comes in four sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your pup.
  • Amazon reviewers have raved about this toy, so you know you can trust it to bring your pup hours of fun.

Best Toy for Aggressive Chewers

Benebone Chew Toy

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Why We Love It

Benebone chew toys are the perfect dog toy for dogs that are heavy chewers. They’re made from durable nylon, which means they can withstand even the toughest chewers and will last longer than most toys. Plus, they’re made with 100% real peanuts, giving your pup a delicious treat every time they chew!

What You Should Know

  • Benebone chew toy bones are not only incredibly durable and long-lasting dog toy that dogs love, but they’re also made with real peanuts, sourced and made in the USA.
  • The unique shape of Benebones has been inspired by a dog’s powerful sense of smell, making them irresistible to many dogs.
  • Plus, they’re designed to be easy on your dog's teeth and gums, so you can rest assured that they’re safe and healthy.
  • Benebone is the best toy for dogs that chew through everything.

Best Toys for Dogs FAQs

You want to buy the best dog toy for Fido, but don't know which one to choose. Should I buy a plush toy? What about a dog chew toy? I know - a dog tug toy! Wow! The choices seem endless.

With so many different types of toys available, it can be hard to figure out which ones are best for your pup. You want to make sure you get something that's safe and durable, but also something your pup will actually enjoy playing with.

We've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about the best toys for dogs so you can make an informed decision about what to buy for your furry friend.

What is the world's best dog toy?

The world’s best dog toy is the one that gets the most use by your dog.

If your dog loves to play fetch, then a ball is probably the best toy for her. What if she loves tug-of-war? Then the best dog tug toy is what you should look for. If she loves to chew, then a dog chew toy would be a better choice. And if she loves to swim, then a floating stick or Frisbee would be perfect.

The bottom line is that the best dog toy for your pooch is the one that she enjoys playing with the most. So experiment until you find something your pup loves, and she’ll be entertained for hours on end!

What dog toy is good for dogs?

Any dog toy is good for furry friend as long as it is made of durable material that can withstand the dog's chewing. Kong toys are a good choice because they are made of tough rubber and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be filled with treats or food to keep the dog entertained, and they also make a great training tool.

Another good option is an interactive dog toy such as a ball that bounces erratically or a plush toy with a hidden squeaker inside. These toys keep the dog entertained by providing something to chase or play with, and they also help to promote mental stimulation. Even teething puppies can enjoy these toys. Just be sure to supervise your dog when playing with interactive toys to avoid any accidents.

What is a dog's favorite toy?

There's no easy answer to this question since dogs can be pretty fickle when it comes to their toys. Some might prefer a chew toy, others might love a ball they can chase around, and still, others might go crazy for a soft plush toy.

At the end of the day, it really just depends on the individual dog and what they happen to be most interested in at any given time. So if your dog plays with a particular dog toy most of the time, then that can be considered the best dog toy in their mind!

What is the strongest brand of toys?

Dog owners everywhere who have an aggressive chewer ask this question. There is no one-size-fits-all answer, as the best dog toy for a pooch depends on the individual dog's personality and preferences. However, some of the most popular brands of toys for dogs include Kong, Nylabone, and Chuckit! Just as an FYI - from personal experience - I have never found a plush toy that can stand up to an aggressive chewer. I've tried the ones that say they are "tough" - but my piranhas have never had a plush toy last more than a couple of hours. Plush toys are just not meant for dogs that love to chew.

Do dogs really have a favorite toy?

There's no definitive answer to this question since every dog is different. However, many experts agree that dogs typically develop a strong emotional connection with one or two particular toys, and they often become very protective of these toys.

Some owners even report that their dogs get extremely upset if they're not allowed to bring their preferred dog toy with them when they go on trips. So it seems safe to say that, yes, most dogs do have a favorite toy!

What do vets recommend for dogs to chew?

There are a lot of different things that vets recommend for dogs to chew, but the most important thing is that whatever the dog is chewing is safe for them. Some good options include various dental chews, antler chews, and bully sticks. Just make sure to supervise your dog when they're chewing on anything, and take away any small pieces that they might swallow whole so they don't get choked.

One thing most vets agree with is that you should NOT give your dogs anything made of rawhide. The process to make rawhide includes soaking the hide in bleach and formaldehyde (can you say poisonous?) and if Rover would swallow a piece of the rawhide, it can cause a bowel blockage. That is a several thousand-dollar surgery in the making! Avoid rawhide even though it is sold everywhere!

How do I keep my dog entertained all day?

It can be tough to keep your pup entertained all day long, but with a little creativity you can come up with plenty of activities to keep them occupied.

One idea is to hide treats or toys around the house for your dog to find. You can also take them on walks or play fetch with them in the park. If you have a fenced-in yard, you can also let your dog run around and play without having to worry about them getting loose.

Whatever you do, make sure to spend plenty of time playing with your dog and giving them plenty of love. They'll appreciate it!

What toys will keep dogs busy for hours?

There are a lot of different toys that can keep dogs busy for hours, but some of the best options include Kongs, tennis balls, and puzzle toys. Kongs are especially great because they can be filled with treats or peanut butter to keep dogs entertained, while tennis balls are perfect for playing fetch. Puzzle toys, like the ones that dispense treats when manipulated in a specific way, are also a great option because they provide an interactive challenge for dogs.

Do dogs need to be entertained all day?

Dogs don't need to be entertained all day, but it's certainly important to keep them mentally stimulated. Otherwise, they might get bored and start chewing on your furniture.

Some easy ways to keep your dog entertained include playing fetch, giving them a puzzle toy to solve, or taking them for a walk. You can also teach them some new tricks or take them to obedience class. With a little bit of effort, you can keep your furry friend happy and entertained.

How do you tire out a dog?

There are lots of ways to tire out a dog, but the most common method is to play with them. Dogs love to run around and play, so take your dog for a long walk or go to a park and let them run around. You can also teach your dog some tricks or play fetch with them. Just make sure you keep playing with them until they're exhausted!


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