Tired of your furry friend gobbling up their food in record time? Looking for a way to slow them down? Well, we've got the solution: a slow feeder bowl for dogs!

Our review will help dog owners find the perfect slow feeder dog bowl to keep your pup from inhaling their meals and give them a chance to eat slower and savor their food.

Do you have a dog that woofs down their food before you can hardly turn around? Did you know that is not healthy for your dog?

Most slow feed bowls are the perfect solution for dogs who are speedy eaters. These slow feeder bowls are designed with a maze-like pattern that forces your pup to  work for their food. Not only does this help with digestion, but it also helps to prevent boredom and can even help reduce anxiety.

Slow feeder bowls are a great way to keep your pup engaged and entertained at meal time. TA slow feeder is also fun for your pup to use, as they’ll have to figure out the best way to get their food.

This is an article reviewing the best slow feeder dog bowls you can buy on Amazon!

Our team of pet experts has personally read thousands of reviews on Amazon to find the best slow feed bowl for your pup. So let's go get a slow feed bowl for your pup.

Dogs that eat their dog food too fast can cause severe health issues to themselves. The most common is called bloat. Bloat is a very uncomfortable and potentially serious health crisis that can affect dogs. It typically occurs after eating too fast, which can cause the stomach to bloat and sometimes even hold air, liquid or food.

In addition to the discomfort that bloat brings about, there are also several other symptoms for an owner to be aware of. These may include dry-heaving (or retching) without vomiting any food, abdominal distention (which might not be visible in early stages), sudden anxiety, pacing and an inability to get comfortable, panting and drooling, collapsing, racing heartbeat (tachycardia) and pale gums.

Bloat also can cause a dog's stomach to flip which cuts off the blood supply to major organs, and without immediate correct, can cause death. This is generally more of a problem with large dogs than small dogs.

If bloat is a concern for your canine companion it is important to seek medical attention immediately in order to avoid any serious outcomes.

But let's get ahead of the game and prevent Fido from eating his dog food too fast in the first place! That is where slow feeder dog bowls come into place. Did you know that slow feeder bowls can also be used for water? Yep! If your dog drinks water too fast and tends to vomit some of it back up - consider getting a slow feeder for water!

If your dog isn't prone to eating too fast, these slow feed dog bowls can also provide mental stimulation!

But, short-snouted flat faced dogs such as bulldogs, Boston terriers and pugs should NOT use a slow feeder. The dips and grooves in slow feeder dog bowls may be too difficult for these breeds to actually reach their food and breath at the same time! Their cute little flat faces just are not designed to use a slow feeder dog bowl.

Gravity Feeder

By the way - I always try to tell you what I do with my dogs here at my house. You've heard me say before that I have multiple dogs. I free-feed my dogs. I've heard a lot of people say you shouldn't feed this way because you can't control how much the dog eats. Well, I don't have any fat dogs - and they have access to all the food they want.

My philosophy on feeding dogs is like this: if there is always food available, they (my dogs) never worry about getting enough food. And, because they never worry about it - they only eat what they need. I have three gravity feeders (containers that drop food into the bowl via gravity) that I keep full 100% of the time.

My dogs graze on this food whenever they want to. I have no dogs that gobble food quickly or consume too much food. So I don't own any slow feed bowls. I supposed I could get one for mental stimulation purposes ... but I just haven't yet. Maybe I'll think about it!

But - this is what works for me and my dogs. I encourage anyone with a new puppy to feed their dog this way as they don't have the over-eating too fast habit yet. But, if your dog already eats too fast - the best way, in my opinion, to solve that problem is with a slow feeder.

Let's go take a look at the best slow feeder dog bowls available on Amazon today.

Amazon Reviewer's Top Choice

Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo Bowl

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Why We Love It:

Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo Bowl is the perfect way to slow down your pup's eating time. The uniquely designed deep reservoirs help your pup to eat up to 10X slower. This bowl is great for all types of diets, including wet or dry food, and even raw food diets.

Plus, the Outward Hound Fun Feeder is available in multiple sizes and ridge patterns, so you can find the perfect fit for your pup. These bowls are easy to clean, too, since the bowl is top rack dishwasher safe.

This Outward Hound dog bowl series is by far the most popular choice among Amazon buyers giving it the best slow feeder title in our blog today. There are 10 different designs of plastic slow feeders you can choose from - so why choose one? Buy multiple bowls to mix-it-up for Rover each day! This may be the right bowl for you!

What You Should Know:

The Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo Bowl is available in three sizes, so it's easy to find the perfect size for your dog: Large/Regular, Medium/Mini, and Small/Tiny.

The Large/Regular holds up to 4 cups of dry kibble, the Medium/Mini holds 2 cups, and the Small/Tiny holds 3/4 cup.

You can also buy it together with an interactive feeder toy to keep your pup entertained.

The Outward Hound bowl is top rack dishwasher safe for easy cleaning, and it is made of durable materials to last for a long time.

By the way, Outward Hound bowls are BPA, PVC, and phthalate free. That's a good thing! So let's go get a Fun Feeder today.

Amazon Reviewer's Second Most Popular Choice

UPSKY Slow Feeder Small Dog Bowl

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Why We Love It:

UPSKY Slow Feed dog bowl is another of the best slow feeder bowls on Amazon. UPSKY Slow Feeder Small Dog Bowl is the perfect choice for pet owners who want to keep their hungry dogs healthy and happy.

This slow feeder bowl is made of food-safe, non-toxic, and durable PP resin,  which is a food-safe, non-toxic, harmless but durable and recyclable type of plastic. This great bowl is available in 9 different colors.

You can choose to buy a single bowl or two bowls together. The slow feed dog bowl concept encourages dogs to forage for their food, which naturally improves digestion.

Plus, the bright colors will attract your dog’s attention and make mealtime more fun.

What You Should Know:

The UPSKY Slow Feeder Small Dog Bowl is designed with raised parts that separate the food when your dog eats, as well as gaps that are not too narrow, making it easy for dogs to get the food.

The food bowl is lightweight and has a capacity of 2 cups, which is perfect for smaller dogs and medium-sized dogs.

It is also easy to clean and maintain as it is top rack dishwasher safe, saving you time and keeping the bowl hygienic. Not suitable for cats and short-mouthed dogs.

Best Slow Feeder for Small and Medium Dogs

CAISHOW Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

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Why We Love It

The CAISHOW Slow Feeder Dog Bowl is the perfect choice for small dogs that need help with their eating habits. The bowl comes in 9 different colors and can be purchased as a single bowl or two bowls together. The fun bone shapes in the dog bowl are cute will keep dogs eating slower for longer periods of time.

What You Should Know

This slow feeder bowl is made of environmentally friendly materials that meet pet food safety, high temperature resistance, and is strong and bite-resistant making it extremely durable. It is 9.25 x 8.85 x 1.96 inches in size, making it perfect for small and medium-sized dogs. The bowl has a non-slip base with six small rubber anti-skid pads to keep it from moving or turning over on the floor. The unique shape of the dog bowl helps your dog slow down their eating, which can help prevent bloating, choking, and vomiting.

Best Slow Feeder for Medium Sized Dogs

JASGOOD Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

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Why We Love It:

JASGOOD Slow Feeder Dog Bowl is the perfect choice for pet owners looking for an easy and convenient way to slow down their pup's eating. It comes in 6 different colors and two different sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your pup. The unique interactive jungle design helps promote healthy slow eating, which can help prevent obesity, bloat, regurgitation and overeating. Plus, the dog bowl is made with food-safe, high-strength ABS materials, so you can be sure your pup is safe and secure.

What You Should Know:

When choosing a slow feeder bowl for your pup, it's important to make sure it's the right size. The JASGOOD Slow Feeder Bowl comes in two sizes - one that is appropriate for puppies and medium-sized dogs, and another for larger dogs. Be sure to choose the size that best fits your hound dog! Additionally, the bowl is top-rack dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and comes with five small rubber feet on the bottom for extra stability. No need to hand wash this dog bowl! And, if you're looking for a two-pack, you can purchase one that includes two bowls for extra convenience.

Best Slow Feed Bowl for Raised Platform Feeders

Leashboss Slow Feeder Dog Bowls

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Best slow feeder bowl for raised feeder platforms

Why We Love It:

Leashboss Slow Feeder Dog Bowls are the perfect solution for large breed and medium breed dogs at meal time. Designed to replace a standard 2-quart bowl, this slow feed bowl has a lip to easily fit an opening in a raised feeder. The non-slip rubber grip keeps the dog bowl in place and the raised tunnels of the dog bowl slow down even the fastest eaters. Plus, this dog bowl is top-rack dishwasher safe for stress-free cleaning.

What You Should Know:

Leashboss Slow Feeder Dog Bowls are the perfect solution for pet owners who want to prevent their furry friends from inhaling their wet or dry food and even raw dog food too fast. The raised tunnels of the dog bowl help reduce gulping, bloating, choking, and vomiting when feeding. Plus, the non-slip rubber grip keeps the dog bowl in place when used on the floor or a mat, making it great for small, medium, and large-sized pets. Finally, this bowl comes in three different sizes and two different colors so you can find the perfect size slow feeder dog bowl for your pup.

Slow Feeder Bowls for Dogs - FAQs

You want to buy a slow feeder bowl for your dog, but don't know which one to choose.

With so many different slow feeder bowls on the market, it can be hard to determine which one is the best for your dog. How do you know which one will give you the most value for your money?

We've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about slow feeder dog bowls so you can know more about these products.

How do I know if my dog needs a slow feeder bowl?

The best way to determine if your dog needs a slow feeder dog bowl is to observe their eating habits. If your dog is gulping their food down quickly, then a slow feeder can be helpful in slowing down the eating process and preventing them from overeating. Also, if your dog is exhibiting signs of bloating or indigestion after eating, a slow feeder can help them to digest their food better and prevent these issues. If you're still unsure, it's always best to consult with your veterinarian for advice.

Is a slow feed bowl the only way I can slow my dog's eating habits?

Actually, no! A dog slow feeder is not the only way to slow down your dog at meal time! Hand feeding is another way to slow your dogs eating habits. Dogs love it when you hand feed them and if you have more than one dog - it might be the way to manage how much each dog is receiving at each meal. Granted - this is the not quick and easy way to manage their habit - but you dogs love your attention when using this method.

Are slow feeder bowls good for dogs?

Yes, slow feed dog bowls are a great way to help your dog eat more slowly and reduce the risk of bloat and other digestive issues. Slow feed bowls are designed to make it more difficult for your dog to eat their food quickly, which can help them to better digest their food and avoid overeating. Slow feed bowls can also help to reduce boredom and anxiety in dogs that are prone to eating quickly and can help to keep them mentally stimulated. But remember, flat faced dogs such as bulldogs should not use slower feeder dog bowls as it can cause breathing issues for them.

When should a dog use a slow feeder bowl?

A slow feeder bowl is a great tool to use when you want to slow down your dog's eating habits. This can be especially helpful for dogs who tend to eat their meals too quickly. Slow feed bowls are designed to make it harder for your dog to quickly gulp down their food, which can help them better digest their meals and avoid choking. It's also a great way to help keep your pup entertained and mentally stimulated during mealtime.

Are slow feed dog bowls frustrating for dogs?

Yes, slow feed bowls can be frustrating for dogs because they are used to eating their food quickly and easily. Slow feed dog bowls require them to take their time and work for their food, which can be a challenge for them. Additionally, some slow feed dog bowls can be difficult for dogs to access the food, which can lead to frustration. It is important to make sure that the slow feeder you choose is the right size and shape for your dog and that it is easy for them to access their food. Also, short-snouted dogs such as bulldogs, Boston terriers and pugs should not use slow feeder dog bowls. Their short noses can make it too difficult to eat and breath at the same time. You can try just putting a toy in their dog bowl when you feed them to help slow them down!

Do slow feeders provide mental stimulation?

Yes, slow feeders can provide mental stimulation for your pet. Slow feeders are designed to make your pet work for their food, which can help engage their natural foraging instincts. This can help keep them mentally stimulated and help to prevent boredom. Slow feeders also help to slow down the eating process, which can help to prevent overeating and potential digestive issues.

Can eating too fast cause diarrhea in dogs?

No. Eating too fast is not a cause of diarrhea. But, diarrhea can be caused by lots of other things. Switching dog food, stress, viruses, bacteria, even cancer can cause diarrhea. If your dog is experiencing a bout of diarrhea it is important to contact your vet to discuss what this might be caused by and what measures you can take to correct it.

Should dogs eat fast or slow?

It is recommended that dogs eat at a slow and steady pace. Eating too quickly can lead to digestive issues such as bloating, vomiting, and even choking. Eating slowly allows your dog to properly digest their food and can help prevent overeating. It is also important to make sure that your dog is eating in a calm, relaxed environment. If your dog is eating in a stressful environment, they may be more prone to eating quickly. Additionally, it is important to provide your dog with the right size and type of food for their size and age. If the food is too large or too difficult to chew, they may be more likely to eat quickly.

Should dogs eat with raised bowls?

Yes, raised bowls are recommended for dogs. Raised bowls can help with digestion, reduce stress on the neck and back, and make it easier for your dog to eat. Dogs with arthritis or other joint issues may find it difficult to bend down to eat from a bowl on the ground, so a raised bowl can make it easier and more comfortable for them. In addition, raised bowls can help reduce the amount of air your dog swallows while eating, which can help reduce the risk of bloat.

What dog breeds need slow feeders?

Most dog breeds can benefit from using a slow feeder. Breeds that are especially prone to gobbling their food too quickly, such as Greyhounds, Labrador Retrievers, and other sporting dogs, may benefit the most. Slow feeders help to slow down the eating process, which can help to reduce the risk of bloating and other digestive issues.

Why you should not feed dogs from the table?

It's best to avoid feeding your dog from the table for several reasons. First, it can be unhealthy for your dog to consume the same foods that you eat. Many human foods, such as chocolate, onions, garlic, and grapes, can be toxic to dogs.

Second, feeding your dog from the table can lead to bad habits, such as begging and jumping up on furniture. It can also lead to weight gain and other health problems, such as diabetes and arthritis.

Finally, it's important to remember that your dog needs a balanced diet of its own food, so it's important to stick to a regular feeding schedule and not let your dog become dependent on food from the table.


Slow feeder dog bowls have become increasingly popular in the pet industry due to their ability to extend the duration of mealtime, providing a more stimulating dining experience for our canine friends. Slow feed dog bowls come in shapes and sizes that can accommodate a variety of breeds and generally feature ridges, curves or knobs on the inside that help to slow down feeding without impeding it altogether.

The physical activity associated with eating from a slow feeder bowl is beneficial not just for digestion, but also for overall health and mental stimulation as well. a slow feeder dog bowl is an excellent way to prevent your pooch from consuming their meals too quickly and suffering from digestive problems afterwards.

Furthermore, by choosing an appropriate size and type of slow feeder for your pup's breed and lifestyle, you ensure that they get the most out of their mealtimes while maintaining good health. Slow feeder bowls are a great way to provide extra enrichment in your dog's everyday life and should be considered if you're looking for an easy solution to help them enjoy their meals every day. So let's head out to Amazon and get a slow feeder today!

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