Are you looking for the best way get your dog's nails trimmed?

Dog nail trimming is an important part of your dog's grooming routine. But it can be intimidating for pet owners, especially if you’ve never done it before. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you trim your pup’s nails safely and easily.

We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about dog nail trimming. From the tools you need, to the techniques and tips for getting the job done quickly and safely. Plus, we’ll give you some tips to make the process easier for both you and your pup

You’ll be a pro at dog nail trimming in no time! Read on to learn how to cut dog nails like a pro. Get ready to give your pup a pedicure they’ll love! With the right tools and techniques, you can make trimming your pup’s nails a breeze. So don’t wait any longer, get ready to give your pup the perfect pedicure they deserve!

I have several people who come to me to help them with nail cutting. I get it - it is not the easiest chore to do, and it's a little intimidating, but it's really not that hard, either! You probably will not be great at it at first - but like with everything else, you will get better at it the more you do it. And, your dog will settle down and not make such a big deal out of it either with time. You may also make your dog's nail bleed - it's not that big of a deal. I do, too, once in a while. As long as you have some styptic powder available, the bleeding will stop quickly. Let's see if we can make nail trimming easier for you and your best friend with the right tools and a little advice!

Tools & Supplies You'll Need

Before you set up to do your dog's nail trim, you'll need to gather the right tools and supplies. You'll need a pair of sharp dog nail clippers. There are several styles of clippers: plyers, grinder, guillotine, and scissors. Scissors are probably the easiest to use - but can only be used on small dogs or very young dogs. They just won't cut through a bigger dog's thick nails. If your dog is small enough (or young enough) you can even use human nail clippers! That is what I use for all of my puppies.

Personally, I have never been successful with a grinder style. The vibrating and noise they make seems to kind of freak my dogs out. Probably if you started using a grinder when they were very young, you could be successful with these.

I use the plyers style, myself. There are some that have a light on them that, if your dog has lighter nails, allow you to see the quick (the part that bleeds) easier. Unfortunately, dogs that have black nails are just challenging to trim their nails. The good news - the more often you trim your dog's nails (regardless of the color) the quick will recess making it less likely for you to accidentally cut it!

I am considering getting a guillotine style set of clippers. These look very interesting to me - and I think, if you hold them correctly - they may be a great set of clippers!

A file or rasp is a nice tool to have to smooth off any rough edges - but is not absolutely necessary.

Finally you will want some styptic powder or cornstarch. Dog nails have something called a "quick." A dog's quick is the part of the nail that is similar to the pinkish part of your finger nails. It is similar to the pinkish part of your finger nails. The quick is where the blood and the nerves extend out from your dog's toes into the dog's toenail. If you keep your pup's nails short, the quick begins to recess - making it easier and easier to complete a dog nail trimming!

You'll also want to have a yummy treat on hand to reward your dog for being a good sport!

Various Styles of Nail Clippers for Dogs
Tools for Trimming Your Dog's Nails: Nail Clippers and Styptic Power

Step-by-Step Instructions for Dog Nail Trims

  1. Start by getting your dog used to having their paws handled. Take your dog's paw gently and massage it for a few seconds before moving on to the next one. Do this several times a day until your dog is comfortable with you handling their paws. If you have a new puppy - do this every day! It really will make a difference when your pup is older and you need to trim their nails.
  2. Once your dog is comfortable with you handling their paws, it's time to start trimming their nails. If your dog has light colored nails, it will be easier to see the quick (the blood vessel in the nail that supplies nutrients). If your dog has dark nails, you'll want to be extra careful not to cut the quick. Start with short cuts - and maybe leave a little more than you would want to at first. Remember, the quick will recess if you regularly cut your dog's nails. Also, have some styptic powder handy to pack into the nail if it starts to bleed. It does hurt your pup a little if you get into the quick - but not so much that they will stop walking. If you do cut the quick, put some of the styptic powder in your hand and press your dogs nail into the powder. It will stop bleeding almost immediately.
  3. Use a file or rasp to smooth out any sharp edges on the nails.
  4. Be sure to reward your pup with a yummy treat! It will help make your next pedicure appointment be fondly anticipated!

See, it's really not that hard to complete a dog nail trimming. It can be intimidating at first - but you can do it! I know you can!!

Ok - let's go look at some clippers to help you find the perfect pair for you and your furry best friend!

Dudi Dog Nail Clippers

Best Plyer Style

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Why We Love It

The Dudi Nail Clippers are an ergonomically designed pet grooming tool that is powerful and easy to use. They are recommended by animal trainers, veterinarians, professional pet groomers, and thousands of satisfied customers as the best pet nail clippers on the market. The clippers feature a safety stop blade to reduce the risk of cutting nails too short and injuring your pet. Plus, they lock closed when not in use to keep curious kids safe. The clippers also have a user-friendly design with comfortable, easy grip, non-slip, ergonomic handles that stay safely in place while you are grooming your pet. And they come with a lifetime warranty!

What You Need to Know

The Dudi Clippers make trimming your pet's nails easier and faster than ever before. They are perfect for small, medium, and large dogs and cats and are made from high-quality stainless steel for maximum durability. The clippers are designed with a comfortable grip and a safety stop blade to reduce the risk of cutting nails too short and injuring your pet. Plus, they come with a lifetime warranty for added peace of mind. So why wait? Get your own Dudi Nail Clippers today!

Resco Deluxe Dog Nail Clippers

Best Guillotine Style

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Why We Love It

Resco Deluxe Nail Clippers are the perfect choice for pet owners who want to make sure their furry friend gets the best care. The patented guillotine style clippers is the same trusted tool used by vets, vet techs, and groomers worldwide, and has been manufactured in the USA since 1937. The deluxe grips and premium powder coat are designed for style, performance, and comfort, while the micro-honed blade system ensures a smooth and precise cut every time. With Resco's patented blade replacement technology you can also replace your blade at a fraction of the cost of a new trimmer, and the lifetime warranty guarantees that your product is of the highest quality and made to last.

What You Need to Know

Using a clipper that is too big or too small for your pet’s nails can be a painful experience for them and can cause injury. Make sure to get the right size of Resco Deluxe Clippers for your pup. Also, be sure to use the trimmer on dry nails and use a light touch to avoid any splits or cracks. If you're new to dog nail trimming, it's best to get familiar with the trimmer by practicing on a few nails at a time. Lastly, the blade should be periodically honed and sharpened and replaced when necessary.

gonicc Professional Pet Nail Clippers

Best Scissor Style

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Why We Love It

gonicc Professional Pet Nail Clippers are the perfect solution for dog nail trimming! These scissor-style clippers have been designed to be used on small animals, such as cats, dogs, kittens, puppies, birds and even bunny. The stainless steel blade is hypoallergenic and the handle is finished with a slip-proof coating that allows you to securely grip them in order to prevent painful accidents. Plus, they have a semi-circular angled blade, so you'll be able to see what you're doing and help you determine how much you need to cut without going near the sensitive spots and avoid a bloody mess even without a quick sensor.

What You Need to Know

gonicc Professional Pet Nail Clippers are an easy and painless way to trim your pet's nails from the comfort of your own home. Their high-quality construction ensures that the products will last you for years to come, saving you time and money from having to go to the vet. Plus, they are safe and easy to use, no matter your skill level. So why wait? Get your own gonicc Professional Pet Nail Clippers today and give your pet the pampering they deserve!

Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder

Best Grinder Style Nail Clipper

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Why We Love It

The Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder ensures that your pet's nails are trimmed safely and painlessly. Recommended by veterinarians and pet grooming professionals, this grinder uses an advanced diamond drum bit grinder to deliver the safest, most comfortable pet claw grinding. It also features an adjustable, low-high speed design powerful enough support heavy grinding, as well as three ports to match small, medium, or large pets. Plus, it’s super quiet and low-vibration to keep your pet calm and relaxed while they get their nails clipped.

What You Need to Know

The Casfuy Grinder is also rechargeable, with a built-in battery that lasts for two hours after a three-hour charge. It’s also ultra-portable thanks to its lightweight and ergonomic body design that’s easy to handle with either your right or left hand. And, with considerate customer care available 7 days a week and response in less than 24 hours, you can be sure that you’ll have the support you need when it comes to trimming your pet’s nails. So why wait? Get your Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder today!

Miracle Care Kwik Stop Styptic Powder

Best Styptic Power

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Why We Love It

Miracle Care Kwik Stop is the perfect solution for quickly and easily helping to stop bleeding. For over 50 years Kwik Stop has been used externally to control bleeding caused by nail trimming, tail docking, and minor, superficial cuts. Our main ingredient, Ferric Subsulfate is the highest grade (pharmaceutical quality) used for superior results, acting as a hemostatic agent that contracts blood vessels for fast results. Plus, the addition of Benzocaine helps to ease pain and itching in minor wounds, allowing for healing with minimal discomfort.

What You Need to Know

Kwik Stop Styptic Powder is easy to use and comes in a convenient and portable size, ideal for taking with you when you are away from home. It is safe to use on cats, dogs, and other small animals, and can be used on both indoor and outdoor pets. Kwik Stop is also a great tool to have when trimming your pet's nails, to help them heal fast should they accidentally get cut too deep. So why wait? Get your own Miracle Care Kwik Stop  today!

Nail Trimming for Dogs - FAQs

Having a pet can be a lot of fun, but it also comes with a lot of responsibility. One of those responsibilities is keeping your pet's nails trimmed. But how do you know how to do it?

Trimming your pet's nails can be a daunting task if you don't know what you're doing. It's important to make sure you use the right tools and techniques so you don't hurt your pet.

We've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about trimming your pet's nails so you can know more about this important task.

Can I trim my dog's nails myself?

Yes, pet parents can completed a nail trimming for your dog with a few tips on how to complete this task. First, it is important to use the right tools and be very careful not to cut too close to the quick (the pink part of the nail). Start by just working on the long toenails and just cut the nail tip. Cut one nail at a time, working across your dog's toes. You can also use a nail file or emery board to smooth the edges of the nails after trimming. With a positive attitude - you'll be a professional at clipping dog nails before you know it!

How often should dog nails be trimmed?

Most dogs need a dog nail trimming every 4-6 weeks, depending on how quickly the nails grow. Dogs with active lifestyles, such as those who go on regular dog walks and play fetch, may need their nails trimmed less often as the nails will be worn down more quickly naturally. It is important to make sure that the nails are not too long, as this can cause discomfort and pain for the dog. If you are unsure, it is best to consult a veterinarian for advice.

Do dogs feel pain when you cut their nails?

No, dogs do feel pain when you cut their nails, but it does make many dogs nervous to have their feet handled. Trimming dog nails is just like trimming your own finger nails!

It is important to make sure that you are using the right tools and that you are being gentle and careful when working on a dog nail trimming. If you cut too far down, it may bleed, causing pain for Rover. It is also important to reward your dog with treats or verbal praise after trimming their nails to help them associate the experience with something positive.

What is the quick on a dog's nail?

The quick is the sensitive area inside dog nails that contains nerves and blood vessels. It should never be cut when trimming a dog's nails. If you cut your dog's quick, it will bleed, causing pain and discomfort for the dog. Always use caution when working on a dog nail trimming and go slowly to avoid cutting the quick. If the quick is cut by accident, use styptic powder or cornstarch to stop the bleeding.

How can I calm my dog to trim his nails?

The best way to calm your dog for nail trimming is to start the process early and make it a positive experience. Start by gently touching your dog's paws and nails and reward him with treats. As you progress, you can move on to using a nail clipper or trimmer and reward your dog with treats after each successful trim. It's important to be patient and take breaks as needed. You can also try using a calming supplement or plug-in diffuser to help reduce your dog's anxiety.

What angle do you cut a dog's nails?

The angle you cut a dog's nails depends on the size and breed of the dog. Generally, you should cut the nail at a 45-degree angle, starting at the tip and cutting back towards the quick. For larger breeds, you may want to cut the nail at a slightly steeper angle.

What happens if you never cut a dog's nails?

If you never cut dog nails, they can become overgrown and cause pain and discomfort for the dog. Overgrown nails can also cause the dog to walk and stand differently, which can lead to joint problems and other issues. Additionally, if the nails become too long, they can become caught on things and cause the dog to injure itself. It is important to regularly trim a dog's nails to prevent these issues.

Should dog nails click on floor?

No, dog nails should not click on the floor. If your dog's nails are clicking on the floor, it means they are too long and should be trimmed. Long nails can cause pain and discomfort for your dog and can lead to long-term health issues.

What is a dew claw? And do I have to trim it, too?

A dew claw is a small, vestigial toe located on the inner side of the front legs of some breeds of dogs. It is usually higher up on the leg than the other toes and does not touch the ground. Dew claws do need to be trimmed just like the other nails on your dog's Some dogs do not have dew claws because of their breed or because they were removed as young puppies.

How do you know where the quick is on black dog nails?

The quick is the sensitive part of the nail that contains the blood vessels and nerves that provide nourishment to the nail. It can be difficult to locate the quick on black dog nails, as it can be difficult to see. To help identify the quick, you can use a flashlight to shine through the nail and look for a pinkish hue inside the nail.

If you are nervous about trimming your dog's black nails, just snip off a little bit of the nail. Each time you trim, you can try to cut off a little more. You may have to trim their nails a little more often until you get the hang of this - but that's ok! Also, it's wise to have some styptic powder handy just incase you do cause the nail to bleed.

If you are still unsure, you can always ask your groomer or your vet for assistance!

Why do dogs hate it when you cut their nails?

Dogs can find the sensation of having nail trims uncomfortable and even painful, especially if the nails are overgrown and need to be trimmed back significantly. Additionally, the sound of the clippers can be aversive to dogs, as it is loud and unfamiliar. For this reason, it's important to get your dog used to having their nails trimmed from a young age so that they are easier to trim their nails when they are full grown!

How do wild dogs trim their nails?

Wild dogs usually trim their nails by running and walking on rough surfaces such as rocks, gravel, and dirt. This helps to wear down their nails naturally. Additionally, wild dogs use their teeth to bite off any excess nail growth. This behavior is instinctive and helps to keep their nails at a manageable level.


Trimming your dog’s nails doesn’t have to be a stressful experience for either of you. With the right tools and a bit of patience, you can give your pup a pedicure in no time!

Start by familiarizing yourself with the anatomy of your dog’s nail and the different types of clippers available. Then, with the help of a few tasty treats, you can make the trimming process go as smoothly as possible.

Remember, safety comes first when it comes to clipping your pup’s nails. With a bit of practice and a lot of love, you and your four-legged friend will be walking in style in no time!

Thank you for stopping in at Red Barn Reviews to discuss your dog's nails with us! We hope you found this article interesting and helpful. If you ever need some assistance or have a question about how to do something with your dog - shoot us an email and we'll see if we can help you! Our email address is We'd love to hear from you!

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