A hotspot on your dog's skin is essentially a sore or infection that can occur when patches of fur are rubbed or wetted repeatedly, resulting in irritated skin. Hot spots are also known as moist dermatitis. They can caused by scratching or by an environmental irritant, such as coming into contact with something sharp, food allergies, or excess moisture on your furry best friend.

The hotspot will quickly start to worsen and may become infected, so it’s important to take action as soon as you recognize the problem. Redness, inflammation and a bad odor are warning signs that your pet is facing hotspot issues. If neglected, hotspots can become painful and cause additional irritation due to the scratching and licking, which is your dog's natural reaction to a sore on his skin.

As a dog parent, hotspots can be a real challenge to take care of when they appear on your dog's body. A hotspot is an area of skin irritation that is a breeding ground for bacteria, often due to excessive licking or scratching. To treat hot spots, it's important to keep the affected area clean and dry.  You may need to shave the fur around the spot for better air circulation.  Additionally, use a topical ointment or cream – prescription or otherwise, as long as it won't aggravate allergies – that might help soothe hotspots.

Then the next trick is to stop your dog from licking that area. It is normal behavior for your dog to want to lick a spot that hurts or itches. As uncomfortable as they seem, an e-collar, also known as an Elizabethan collar or nicknamed a "cone of shame" may be the best way to keep Rover from further irritating the spot. Last but not least, closely monitor your pup’s behavior; excess scratching can lead to further infection and hotspot spread.

In this article, we have searched for the perfect hotspot treatments for your furry friend as it can be overwhelming by all of the options available. How do you know which one is right for your pet?

Our team of experts has read thousands of reviews on Amazon, plus we have our own dogs that have suffered through hotspots, to find the best treatments for your needs. We've done all the hard work so that you can easily find and purchase the perfect treatment for your pet's hotspots.

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If your dog repeatedly suffers with hotspots, we highly recommend that you talk with your vet to discover the underlying cause of Rover's hot spots. Hotspots may be caused by a scrape that your dog incurred while playing - but recurring hot spots can also be caused by allergies. Your vet may suggest that you try a different primary protein in your dog's food to help alleviate reoccurring hotspots.

Vet’s Best Dog Hot Spot Itch Relief Spray

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Vet’s Best Dog Hot Spot Itch Relief Spray is the perfect solution for pet parents looking for immediate relief from itchy, dry and irritated dog skin and canine hot spots. This unique blend of natural ingredients, including tea tree oil, aloe vera, and chamomile, provides fast and effective relief for your pup.

The alcohol-free, no-sting formula provides soothing relief for red, raw or inflamed skin, and it won't interfere with topical flea and tick control products.

Vet’s Best Dog Hot Spot Itch Relief Spray is veterinarian formulated and recommended, and made in the USA with quality US and imported ingredients.

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Vet’s Best Dog Hot Spot Itch Relief Spray is Amazon's Choice for pet skin relief. With its natural ingredients and no-sting formula, it's sure to be a hit with pet parents and their furry friends alike.

Not only does it provide fast and effective relief, but it’s also guaranteed to work and will not affect topical flea and tick control products. Simply spray on the affected area 1-4 times daily, and soon your best friend's hotspot will be a thing of the past!

So why wait? Get your Vet’s Best Dog Hot Spot Itch Relief Spray today and give your pup the relief they deserve!

Vetericyn Hot Spot Spray

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Vetericyn Hot Spot Spray is one of the highest rated pet products on Amazon and is perfect for relieving your dog or cat's dermatitis, hot spots, rashes, and more! Vetericyn Hot Spot Spray helps promote the healing process by keeping sores clean and moist, and does not sting or irritate when applied. Plus, it's completely safe and non-toxic, so you don't have to worry about it if your pet licks or ingests it.

What You Need to Know

Vetericyn Hot Spot Spray is veterinary-recommended for every pet parent to keep on hand for all of your pet’s skin care needs. It's also great for providing relief for symptoms of allergies, such as dry, sensitive or itchy skin and even dog hot spots. Vetericyn Hot Spot Spray is an easy to use spray that can work miracles on your dog's body and skin. Spray Vetericyn on Rover's spot 2-3 times daily for soothing relief.

So why wait? Get your own Vetericyn Hot Spot Spray today and keep your pet healthy and happy!

Zesty Paws Allergy Immune Supplement for Dogs

Best Supplement for Hotspots

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Zesty Paws Aller-Immune Bites are the best supplement to prevent future hot spots! These grain free soft chews are designed to boost the immune system and provide histamine and digestive support for dogs with skin, seasonal, and environmental allergies. Enhanced with EpiCor, these chews contain 80 mg of vitamins, protein, fiber, and antioxidants that are clinically proven to support the body's natural immune defenses. Plus, the Prebiotic and Probiotic Complex provides 250 million cfu of healthy bacteria to help with digestion and immunity. Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil also provides Omega 3 fatty acids that help with skin and immune support.

What You Need to Know

ZestyPaws chewables are designed as a preventative to seasonal dog hot spots. They work with your dog's natural immune system to empower his body to prevent the hot spot from ever occurring in the first place.

These chewables are also enriched with Colostrum, a pre milk that helps with allergies, immune function, and digestion. They also contain Apple Cider Vinegar and Organic Licorice Root for additional care. Zesty Paws Aller-Immune Bites are made with natural ingredients and are free from grain, gluten, soy, artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.

If Rover currently has a hotspot, use these chewables to prevent additional issues along with a topical spray or ointment to provide relief and prevent future issues with dog hot spots.

So why wait? Get your dog the relief they need with Zesty Paws Aller-Immune Bites today!

Forticept Blue Butter Antimicrobial Gel

Best Antimicrobial Gel for Hotspots

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Forticept Blue Butter Antimicrobial Gel is the best way to treat cuts, scrapes, wounds, sores, hot spots and rashes on your pet! It utilizes unique technology to effectively disinfect wounds and create an optimal environment for healing. Plus, it is completely safe and non-toxic, and its pH-balanced formula is gentle and non-irritating while providing a healthy skin barrier. It is also clinically proven and recommended by veterinarians.

What You Need to Know

Blue Butter Antimicrobial Gel helps prevent skin infections in acute wounds and hot spots and is safe to use for continuous applications on any area of the skin. It is also a safer alternative to antibiotics and steroids for proper wound management, and safe enough to use around sensitive areas like the ears, nose and mouth.

Plus, it starts working after the very first application, so you can use it confidently knowing that your pet will be taken care of. So why wait? Get your own Forticept Blue Butter Antimicrobial Gel today!

Absorbine Silver Honey Hot Spot & Wound Care Ointment

Best Hotspot Treatment with Colloidal Silver and Manuka Honey

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Absorbine Silver Honey Hot Spot & Wound Care Ointment is the perfect solution for hot spots, dermatitis, cuts, abrasions, sores, rashes and lesions. Formulated with MicroSilver BG and Manuka Honey, this ointment is highly effective in softening older, persistent scabs to aid in removal while promoting the healing of the wound beneath. Plus, the 2 ounce gel is designed to stay in place while providing continuous coverage to the wound, making it ideal for treating larger areas of the skin.

What You Need to Know

Silver Honey Hot Spot and Wound Care products are tough on bacteria yet gentle on the skin. The ointment and spray gel are both fast-acting and antibiotic-free while providing long-lasting protection and moisturizing the skin. Plus, the MicroSilver BG is made up of pure medical-grade silver particles, which stay on the surface of the skin instead of being absorbed into the body, and protect from unwanted germs while boosting the skin’s natural defenses. And Manuka Honey is gathered exclusively from the pollen of the Manuka tree of New Zealand, distilled and condensed into an ultrapotent, medical-grade form.

So why wait? Get your own Absorbine Silver Honey Hot Spot & Wound Care Ointment today!

Inscape Data Hot Spot Treatment for Dogs

Best Hydrocortisone Spray for Hotspots

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Inscape Data Hot Spot Treatment for Dogs is the perfect way to provide immediate relief for itchy, dry, and irritated skin. The unique blend of natural key ingredients, including sophora flavescens, aloe vera, and cnidium fruit, provides fast and effective relief to hot spots with no sting. Plus, this alcohol-free formula helps to heal and restore moisture to the skin, preventing itchiness from dry skin without causing further irritation.

What You Need to Know

Inscape Data Hot Spot Treatment for Dogs is veterinarian formulated and recommended. Apply this itch relief spray consistently at least twice daily for 1-3 weeks to achieve full healing. It is a great way to reduce redness, pain, and itching. Plus, this anti-itch spray is safe for dogs of all ages and sizes. So why wait? Get your own Inscape Data Hot Spot Treatment for Dogs today and give your pup the relief they deserve!

PetHonesty Chlorhexidine Shampoo

Best Shampoo for Hotspots

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Our PetHonesty Chlorhexidine Shampoo is the best shampoo for hot spots, as it is made with Chlorhexidine and Ketoconazole for the safest and most effective way to help treat your dog or cat's skin issues right in your own home. The shampoo has a light cucumber melon scent which helps combat smelly skin issues and deodorize the fur and can be used as a part of your routine grooming. It also helps remove knots from fur, soothe irritated and sensitive skin, and the essential oils help manage skin-related issues.

What You Need to Know

This vet-recommended shampoo promotes skin and coat health, as well as supports skin conditions associated with shedding, seasonal allergies, skin infections, itchiness, and dandruff. The 16 oz bottle comes with a cap and pump insert to make dispensing and use easy. Use 4-6 pumps of this skin and coat treatment shampoo per washing to help effectively remove dirt and give your pet's fur a clean scent while soothing their skin and providing purifying and hydrating properties. The addition of soothing aloe to the shampoo helps calm bothered skin issues brought on by an array of unwanted nuisances including hot spots. Get your PetHonesty Chlorhexidine Shampoo today and say goodbye to skin issues!

Hotspots on Dogs - FAQs

Do you have a dog that keeps getting hot spots? It can be frustrating to keep dealing with the same issue over and over again.

It's important to find a solution that works for your pup, but the choices can be overwhelming. How do you know which treatment is best for your pet?

We've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about treating hotspots on dogs so you can know more about these treatments.

Why does my dog get hotspots?

Hot spots, also known as acute moist dermatitis, are an inflammatory skin condition caused by a bacterial infection. They are most commonly seen in dogs with long, thick coats, and are often caused by an allergy or skin irritation. They can also be caused by fleas, mites, or other parasites. The hotspots are itchy and painful, and can quickly spread if not treated properly. If your dog is prone to hot spots, it's important to keep their skin clean and dry, and to groom them regularly to prevent the hotspots from recurring.

What is the best thing to put on a dog's hot spot?

The best thing to put on a dog's hot spot is a topical cream or ointment that contains hydrocortisone, which helps reduce inflammation and itching. It is important to make sure the cream or ointment is specifically designed for use on animals, as some human products may contain ingredients that are toxic to pets. Additionally, it may be beneficial to use a product that contains antibacterial or antifungal agents to help prevent infection.

Should I see my vet about my dog's hotspot?

Yes, it is important to see your vet if your dog has a hot spot. Hot spots are usually caused by a bacterial or fungal infection and can be very painful for your dog. Your vet will be able to diagnose the cause of the hotspot and provide treatment to help your dog heal and prevent further infection. Your vet may also recommend lifestyle changes to help prevent future hotspots from developing.

Does my dog's food have anything to do with his hotspot?

Yes, it can. A poor diet can cause hot spots on dogs as well as other skin issues. If your dog is eating a diet that is low in quality or contains ingredients that are difficult for them to digest, it can cause inflammation in their skin and lead to hot spots. Additionally, if your dog has certain food allergies, this can also cause skin issues. If your dog suffers from reoccurring hot spots, it's best to talk to your veterinarian about the best diet for your dog and to make sure it is nutritionally balanced and free from any potential allergens.

How do you prevent hot spots on dogs?

The best way to prevent hot spots on dogs is to keep their coat clean and dry. Regular brushing and combing of their fur can help reduce the buildup of dirt and debris, which can cause irritation and lead to hot spots. Additionally, bathing your dog regularly with a gentle shampoo can help keep their skin and fur healthy. If your dog is prone to hot spots, you may also want to consider using a moisturizing shampoo to help keep their skin hydrated. Finally, make sure to regularly check your dog for any signs of irritation or infection, and contact your veterinarian if you notice any unusual changes in your dog's skin.

How long do hotspots last on dogs?

Hot spots on dogs usually last for about two weeks, but the healing process can take up to six weeks. During this time, it is important to keep the area clean and dry to prevent further irritation and infection. If the hot spot does not seem to be healing or is getting worse, it is important to take your dog to the vet for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Should you cover a hot spot on a dog?

No, you should not cover a hot spots on dogs. Hot spots are caused by excessive licking, scratching, and chewing due to an underlying skin condition, infection, or allergy. You should an use an Elizabethan collar (also comically called a "cone of shame") which can help protect Rover from licking his hotspot and further irritation. Additionally, using an anti-itch spray or a topical cream can help soothe the area and reduce inflammation.

Will Benadryl help my dogs hot spots?

Benadryl may help with hot spots on dogs, but it is important to consult with your veterinarian before giving Benadryl to your dog. Benadryl is an antihistamine and can help reduce inflammation associated with hot spots, but it is important to make sure that the hot spots are not caused by an underlying infection or disease. Your veterinarian will be able to diagnose the cause of your dog's hot spots and determine the best course of action.

Does apple cider vinegar help hot spots dogs?

Yes, treating hot spots with apple cider vinegar can help dog hot spots. It has anti inflammatory properties as well as antiseptic properties, which can help soothe the skin and reduce irritation. Apple cider vinegar can be applied directly to the affected area or diluted with water and used as a rinse. It can be used up to three times a day until the hot spot is healed. However, it is important to consult with a veterinarian before using apple cider vinegar on your dog, as it can cause skin irritation in some cases.

Is baking soda good for hot spots on dogs?

Treating hot spots with baking soda is not recommended. Hot spots are caused by bacterial or fungal infections and should be treated with antibiotics or antifungal medications prescribed by a veterinarian. Baking soda can be used to help dry up the area, but it should not be used as a substitute for proper medical treatment.

Are hotspots contagious?

No, hot spots are not contagious. Hotspots are areas of skin inflammation caused by excessive licking, scratching, or rubbing of the skin, which can lead to infection. Hot spots can be caused by allergies, fleas, or other skin irritations. If your pet is experiencing hot spots, it is important to seek veterinary care to treat the underlying cause and provide relief from the symptoms.


We hope this review has helped you choose the right product to treat hotspots on your dog. Whether you're looking for a shampoo, a spray, or an ointment, there's something here that can help soothe your pup's skin and get them back to feeling their best.

We know that you want the best for your pet, and these products can provide relief and comfort while also helping to prevent future hotspot issues. So go ahead and pick the one that's right for your pup, and help them get back to feeling their best!

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