Are you tired of your dog trying to jump the fence to see what's on the other side? We have the perfect solution for both of you! Dog fence windows are designed to reduce your dog's anxiety and barking at things that are outside your fenced yard! These windows allow your dog to see beyond your fence - and thus reduce his bad habits.

These innovative acrylic dome windows are designed to blend in with your fence, while still providing a safe and secure way to keep your pup comfortable in your yard. With a durable construction and easy installation, you can rest easy knowing that your pup is safe and secure. The best part? These pet windows are easy to install and your dog is going to love the view!

I have never installed my own dog fence window - and I don't need one where I currently live because our backyard fencing is made of wire and our dogs can already see beyond it. But, this would have been a wonderful installment at our previous home. The dogs always wanted to see into the neighbor's yard and were constantly jumping at the fence. This would have solved that problem! Such a fun idea! Let's go look at a few options together, shall we?

BobbyPet Dog Fence Window

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Why We Love It

BobbyPet Dog Fence Window is Amazon's top-selling window that helps satisfy your dog's curiosity and provides a warm welcome home smile! This fence window is designed to reduce barking, digging, and stress and anxiety in dogs, and it also prevents fence jumping.

The installation process is quick and easy and only requires a drill/driver, a crescent wrench, and a pencil. Plus, it comes with a sphere and decorative rings that are made of clear acrylic, which is eco-friendly and odorless.

What You Need to Know

Not only is BobbyPet Dog Fence Window perfect for your dog, it also has other great uses. This acrylic dome can be used as a pet window in your yard, a kid window in playgrounds or daycare centers, or as a cover to protect surveillance cameras.

With BobbyPet, you also get expert guidance from native customer service located in the USA, as well as a detailed instruction manual that includes an email and demo. That right there is a great reason to purchase this fence window!

So why wait? Get your own BobbyPet Dog Fence Window today and give your pup the ultimate homecoming surprise!

PUPTECK Dog Fence Window

Best Decorative Ring on Pet Window

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Why We Love It

Looking for a way to satisfy your dog's curiosity in a safe way? PUPTECK Dog Fence Window is the perfect solution!

This decorative ring fence window allows your pup to see what's going on outside without the risk of jumping out of the fence or barking excessively. Plus, it's made of durable clear acrylic material that's non toxic and tasteless, easy to clean and not easy to age.

What You Need to Know

Not only is PUPTECK Dog Fence Window great for satisfying your pup's curiosity, but it's also super easy to install in your wood panel fencing! All the necessary parts except tools are available, and with just a few simple steps you can have it securely installed in no time.

This acrylic dome is also great idea for a variety of other uses, like as an observation window for children's rooms, lighting window for dark small rooms, fence/door window and more.

So why wait? Get your PUPTECK Dog Fence Window today and make sure your pup stays safe!

Pet Love Fence Bubble Window for Pets

Best 2-Pack Dog Fence Window

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Why We Love It

The Pet Love Fence Bubble Window for Pets is the best way to allow your pet and dog to safely satisfy his curiosity and not destroy the garden fencing. It's easy to install and comes with an installation manual. Plus - this is a 2-Pack ... so you can put two fence windows in your pooch to enjoy.

This fence window is made with a durable acrylic dome and stainless steel trim ring with stainless steel bolts and nuts. This window set is the perfect way to give your pet a point of view while keeping them safe.

What You Need to Know

The Pet Love Fence Bubble Window for Pets is perfect for any pet or dog owner looking to give their furry friends a peek into the world outside. This two pack is sure to keep your pet safe while they explore their backyard.

Plus, this fence window is easy to clean and maintain and is perfect for preventing your pet from digging or chewing a hole in the fence line.

So why wait? Get your Pet Love Fence Bubble Window today and let your pet explore the world outside from the comfort of your home.

Nuvo Iron Square Decorative Insert For Fencing

Best Non-Dome Style Pet Window

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Why We Love It:

Adding the perfect touch of beauty to your fences, decks, gates, and walls just got easier with Nuvo Iron's Square Decorative Insert For Fencing. This handsome fence window is made from durable cast aluminum, so you know it is made to last. Plus, it is easy to install and comes with two pieces, including a cut-out template, to give you greater flexibility.

This pet peek window is a great way to let your doggo see outside your fence, or to just add a beautiful touch to any gate or fence.

What You Need to Know

The Nuvo Iron Square Decorative Insert For Fencing is perfect for anyone looking to spruce up their outdoor space or to provide their dog with a beautiful fence window! It is 15" x 15" x 1.2" in size and comes with screws that fit boards or gates with a minimum thickness of 5/8" and a maximum thickness of 1".

Not only will this accessory make your outdoor space look stunning, it is built to last!

Note: This fence window for pets does not have glass or acrylic on it - so small dogs could squeeze through and escape. This fence window is only for medium and large dogs.

So why wait? Order your Nuvo Iron Square Decorative Insert For Fencing today and make your outdoor area look amazing.

Dog Fence Windows - FAQs

Do you want to give your pup the freedom to explore your backyard without worrying jumping over the fence? Dog fence windows are proven to reduce that chance! They allow your dog to see "through" the backyard fence so that they don't feel the need to jump over to see what's on the other side!

We've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about dog fence windows so you can know more about these windows and make an informed decision. Now you can give your pup the freedom they want while keeping them safe and secure.

Why would I want a dog fence window?

A dog fence window can be a great way to keep your pet safe and secure while also allowing them to enjoy the outdoors. It provides a clear view of the outside, allowing your pet to have a sense of the environment around them while also providing protection from predators and other potential dangers. Additionally, it can also provide a physical barrier that can help to keep your pet from escaping or running away.

Can you put a dog window in vinyl fence?

Yes, you can put an acrylic dog window in a vinyl fence. You will need to purchase a dog window kit that is designed for use with vinyl fencing. The kit will include instructions and all the necessary components for installation. It is important to read and follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully when installing the window, as improper installation may result in the window not being secure or not functioning properly.

How tall does my fence need to be to protect my dog?

The height of the fence you need to protect your dog will depend on the size and breed of your dog. Generally speaking, a fence should be at least 4 feet tall for small to medium-sized dogs, and 6 feet tall for larger breeds. It's also important to ensure that the fence is secure and there are no gaps or openings that your dog can squeeze through.

What type of fence is best for dogs?

The best type of fence for dogs depends on the size and activity level of the dog, as well as the local climate and terrain. For small dogs, a picket fence or a chain-link fence is a good option. For larger and more active dogs, a solid wood or vinyl fence is recommended. It is also important to consider the local climate and terrain when selecting a fence. If you live in an area with heavy snowfall, it is important to choose a fence that can withstand the weight of the snow. Additionally, if your area is prone to high winds, a more secure fence is recommended.

How do I make my fence dog proof?

The best way to make your fence dog proof is to use a fence material that is strong and durable, such as chain link, vinyl, or wood. If you have a chain link fence, make sure to reinforce it with additional posts and horizontal bracing to prevent it from being pushed over by your dog. If you have a wooden fence, make sure to use pressure-treated wood that is resistant to decay and rot. Additionally, you can install a fence topper, such as a lattice or picket fence, to make it more difficult for your dog to jump over the fence. Finally, make sure to check the fence regularly for any signs of damage or wear and tear.

How do I fill the gaps under my dog's fence?

There are a few different ways to fill the gaps under your dog's fence. One option is to use a mesh material such as chicken wire or a plastic mesh material to cover the gaps. This will help prevent your dog from digging out and will also help contain any debris or other materials that may have fallen through the gaps. You can also use a combination of gravel and soil to fill the gaps, or use a garden hose to fill the gaps with concrete. Whichever option you choose, it's important to make sure that the material you use is secure and won't be easily moved by your dog.

Is there something to put around fence so dogs don't dig out?

Yes, there are several options for keeping dogs from digging out under fences. One option is to install a fence barrier such as chicken wire or hardware cloth. This should be buried several inches deep to prevent your dog from digging underneath. You can also use a commercially available fence barrier such as a Dig Defence or Dog Guard. These are metal plates that are attached to the bottom of the fence to prevent your dog from digging out. You can also add rocks or stones around the base of the fence to make it difficult for your dog to dig. Finally, you can use a motion activated sprinkler system to deter your dog from digging.

How do I keep the bottom of my fence from rotting?

The best way to prevent the bottom of your fence from rotting is to use a moisture barrier. This can be achieved by using a waterproofing sealant or paint on the fence posts and boards, as well as using pressure-treated lumber. Additionally, you can use a layer of gravel or stones around the base of the fence to help keep moisture away from the wood. You should also make sure that your fence posts are properly secured in the ground and that the soil is well-drained to prevent water from pooling around the posts.


Dog fence windows are an excellent way to give your pup the freedom to explore the outdoors while still providing them with the safety and security of their own yard. With so many options available, you’re sure to find a window that suits your needs, style, and budget.

Plus, with the added peace of mind that comes with knowing your pup is safe and sound, you can relax and enjoy the beauty of nature while they play! So what are you waiting for? Get your pup their very own window today and let the adventures begin!

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